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I have been a client of Laura for many years with massage therapy and waited anxiously for her acupuncture certification.  I was not disappointed in the least.  I have been going to pain management for several years for different types of injections for my chronic back pain.  Within several acupuncture treatments, I started to have a noticeable decrease in my back and hip pain.  I have since had no further need of the injections and have even stopped my narcotic pain medication.  I have continued with the acupuncture and massage therapy for my back pain and am very happy with the results.




Major life changes and insecurity had derailed my spirit, and I lived each day with sometimes overwhelming anxiety. Besides therapy and natural supplements to quell the tension, I needed something else. My girlfriend recommended acupuncture. In short order, I discovered Eastman Acupuncture and went for my first consultation.


Laura proved to be phenomenal. We met in the extremely serene surroundings of her establishment: Soothing walls ensconced with riveting artwork, and a wood floor that welcomed my every step. After a consultation, we entered the main room where I would lie back for treatment. The room welcomed the sun, and soothing instrumental music further enhanced the tranquility. As the first needle entered my body, from Laura’s delicate touch, I felt a release. And that progressed with the subsequent acupuncture needles. No pain. Simply a heavy sigh from my body. With the music and the sun, I soon fell into a deep sleep. Later, when I awoke, I realized I had not felt that relaxed, that comfortable, in months.


I have visited Laura regularly for nearly a year since then. Besides helping me combat anxiety and depression, she has done more to thwart my allergies than any pill I have ever purchased. I sing Laura’s praises because she listens, takes action, and helps me feel whole again. Thanks to her, I am not only enjoying life more, but through acupuncture, I am learning the necessity of meditation.


I cannot recommend Eastman Acupuncture enough. If a fear of needles keeps you at bay, please know that what Laura uses is completely different. I have no doubt you will speak highly of her as well, and tell your friends about how much they will enjoy the experience





I have always had hormonal issues and always required hormone therapy to ovulate.  Of course, over all these years I’ve had too many ups and downs on the medications to count.  I hated being on pills and all the side effects they caused.  And without the pills, I wouldn’t ovulate for months (sometimes years) on end.  

Acupuncture has helped me regulate my periods without all the horrible side effects.  I’ve also had several unintended benefits from acupuncture like increased energy.  Plus, there have been several other health issues I’ve dealt with that acupuncture has helped with – tooth pain, sinus issues, and arthritis relief.

Overall acupuncture has helped me feel so much better than I did before.  It has become something that I look forward to every week and how it makes me feel.  I’ve even introduced my husband to it and he recently started treatments too!






I would like to recommend Laura Eastman to anyone thinking about seeing an acupuncturist. In August 2012 I was suffering from chronic back pain brought on by arthritis; it hurt to stand, walk, even to sit in many cases. The only relief I found was taking large doses of Aleve, Advil, or Tylenol and I had to take them almost every night to sleep.


Within a few short treatments, my pain was nearly gone and the only thing I take those medicines for is the occasional headache. Additionally, Laura’s treatments have helped my knees (which also have arthritis issues) and overall stress. She has even helped with various minor complaints in her treatments.


Thanks to Laura’s knowledge and skill I have less pain, more energy, and feel more relaxed. Thanks to her, my quality of life has improved dramatically, even my husband has noticed a difference. I would recommend anyone interested in acupuncture living within driving distance of Allentown, PA to contact Laura and see if she can help you as much as she has helped me.






I suffered with muscle cramps and “restlessness” in my leg for 10 yrs. I understand that my results are unique to me; however after the first session Laura at Eastman Acupuncture, I no longer had the leg cramps or “restlessness.” I experienced a sense of euphoria after the first needle which was a fantastic side effect. This occurred for approximately the first seven sessions (the sensation of euphoria is worth the appointment all by itself!) Laura has helped me with sore muscles, foot pains, women’s issues, sinus congestion, general malaise, my complexion cleared up and I am considerably less constipated. Acupuncture improves my mood. I feel intensely great for the rest of the day after I have a session. I feel energized, optimistic and peaceful. I can’t say enough about the wonderful experiences I have because of Laura’s talent and her compassion in using acupuncture to help me acclimate to my aging body. I recommend Laura and Eastman Acupuncture to anyone who will listen. I cannot imagine as instance where acupuncture couldn’t be of assistance.







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