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Welcome to Eastman Acupuncture 

Eastman Acupuncture is a community acupuncture clinic located in Allentown, PA. Community acupuncture is usually performed in an open setting. Due to the ongoing pandemic, we made changes to how we see patients. Currently we are scheduling one patient in each of the treatment rooms. Due to continued reduced volume of patient numbers, we will be raising the cost of treatment. Starting March 1, 2022 the cost for an established patient visit  will be $40 and an initial consultation and treatment will be $80. Thank you for your understanding. Our goal continues to be providing quality acupuncture treatments at an affordable price. 

*Please scroll down to read changes to our policies due to COVID.

I was suffering from chronic back pain brought on by arthritis; it hurt to stand, walk, even to sit in many cases…within a few short treatments, my pain was nearly gone



Within several acupuncture treatments, I started to have a noticeable decrease in my back and hip pain.  I have since had no further need of the injections and have even stopped my narcotic pain medication


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 Appointment Times


       Starting March 1, 2022 our hours will be changing. Sheila will see patients Monday 12-5pm and Tuesday 11am-4pm. Laura will see patients Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday from 8am-4pm. Current patients can schedule online or call the office 484-425-2865. Please scroll down and read our announcements for more information about office procedures.

*We are slowly starting to scheduling new patient appointments. If you would like to schedule an appointment, please call the office. Thank you for your understanding.

Eastman Acupuncture

1617 Hamilton St.

Allentown, PA 18102




Laura has helped me with sore muscles, foot pains, women’s issues, sinus congestion, general malaise, my complexion cleared up and I am considerably less constipated. Acupuncture improves my mood. I feel intensely great for the rest of the day after I have a session.


Eastman Acupuncture Announcements...

Your safety is our priority:

  1. If you are not feeling well for any reason please call and cancel your appointment even if it is the same day as your appointment.

  2. Patients must have a mask in order to receive treatment. If you don’t have one when you arrive, we have them available for you at the reception desk.

  3. We are asking patients to bring a sheet or something similar to drape over the chair. Chairs are wiped down between patients and we prefer adding an extra layer of protection. If you don’t have a sheet, we have twin flat sheets for $5. The sheet is then yours to keep and bring to future appointments.

  4. We are currently only allowing one patient per treatment room. When you schedule you will be assigned to a treatment room. Room 1 is the large room at the end of the hallway and is booked at the top of the hour (Ex: 1:00pm). Room 2 is the room off to the side and is booked at 20 minutes past the hour (Ex: 1:20pm). Room 3 is the small room near the waiting room and is booked at 40 minutes past the hour (Ex:1:40pm).

  5. Patients may not bring guests or family members with them unless required to assist them.

  6. After completing payment and future scheduling, patients will be asked to wash or sanitize their hands before proceeding to the treatment room.